This Category exists for actual rituals.  Some rituals may also be filed under Classes about Magic or Thelema, however this is for actual Ritual scripts and or  exhibitions or recordings of actual ritual.

Priory of Horus & Maat – Thelemic Yule Online Ritual

A Thelemic online ritual for Yule, an ancient ritual of Italian witchcraft for the birth of the Sun God.


Liber DCLXVI – A Thelemic Mass

The Mass shows a radical adaptation of the ritual to a more modern presentation and concept, acting as a core demonstration of ways in which inspired individuals can produce new concepts to be adopted into the official body of liturgy.

Title Card - The Triune Mass

A Triune Mass for Thelemites – A Thelemic Mass

Commissioned as one of several core rituals to make available, ready to run, to Clergy of the Ecclesia Gnostica Heterodoxa the intent was to produce a modernized and simplified Mass, specifically with an eye towards presentation to people who have no standing knowledge of, or affiliation with, Thelema, and accessibility to relative newcomers

Brienne Larkspur - LBRP

Templum Tu’at Productions – LBRP by Brienne

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram performed by Brienne of Templum Tu'at Priory.

Brienne Larkspur - Star Ruby

Templum Tu’at Productions – Star Ruby by Brienne Larkspur

Star Ruby performed by Brienne of Templum Tu'at Priory