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TTO Branding Guide

TTO Branding Guidelines exist for the purpose of making it easy to build new advertising materials as a TTO affiliate. The reproduction of these materials without the express written consent of TTO (which is included in the affiliate agreement) is a violation of U.S. Federal Copyright and Trademark Law. Note that willful copyright infringement, particularly for purposes of misrepresentation may be charged under criminal law as a misdemeanor or felony.

Who can use TTO copyright and trademarked logos?

This page is maintained exclusively for the parties named below.  All materials are Copyright and Trademark TTO, 2019, and all other use is strictly prohibited.  

  • Members of TTO may use the main logo, or the Specialty Logos below, as part of their Social Media Profile, business cards, etc. to indicate they are members.  The logo should not be changed, and if superimposed over another picture it should be in foreground, unobstructed.
    • Ordained Clergy may additionally use the EGH Seal logo in a similar fashion as desired
    • Chartered Initiators may additionally use the Initiatory Seal logo in a similar fashion as desired 
  • Group Leaders/Masters, individuals with an affiliate relationship (Charter) from TTO, their Officers, and Contractors
  • Officers of TTO may use the various logos in the discharge of their duties.
  • Contractors employed directly by TTO.  
  • Journalists providing coverage of TTO may use the “TTO Logo” elements below for purposes of identifying TTO, but not the Seals or Escutcheon.

When do I need to follow the guidelines?

You must always follow the logo, escutcheon, and seal guidelines.  The logo, escutcheon, and seal are the property of The Thelemic Order, Inc., and each is a trademark of TTO.  Note that in regards to the status of Trademark, there is no legal requirement to use the “TM” trademark symbol, and it has no legal significance.   

The remainder of the Branding Guide, including fonts, etc., is a set of guidelines if you want to prepare TTO themed presentations or promotional materials that “look and feel,” like the principal TTO identity. There is no obligation to use them and they are included for convenience.

The TTO Logo

TTO Base Logo - Plain

Standard Logo

The logo is used for most affiliate purposes. The above logo is at web resolution. Click below for high-res copies

TTO Generic Logo

Dark Backgrounds

The corona logo is used for most affiliate purposes. The above logo is at web resolution. Click below for high-res copies

Black and White

The Logo may be reproduced in Greyscale and shown above, or in pure B&W with a surrounding line as available below

B&W on Dark Background

If it is necessary to print the logo in black and white on a dark background, the standard design may also be used in a circle.

Specialty Logos - used for celebration, or to emphasize inclusivity (rt click, "save image as")

We have sought to reproduce some of the most common pride colors below.  If there is a pride design you would like to see as an overlay of the TTO logo, or you have ideas for a different Specialty image, you may submit or request itThe existence of the logos below does not imply that additional pride logos or other objects may be overlaid on the logo without permission.   Some “pride” colors, particularly those which may have an association with racism or white nationalism, would be unsuitable for the Logo.  Most other designs can be accommodated by request.

TTO Base Logo - Pride

LGBT Pride

TTO Base Logo - Pansexual

Pansexual Pride

TTO Base Logo - Transgender

Transgender Pride

TTO Base Logo - Leather

Leather Pride

TTO Base Logo - Non-binary

Non-Binary Pride

TTO Base Logo - genderqueer

Genderqueer Pride

bisexual 2

Bisexual Pride

TTO Base Logo - Asexual 2

Asexual Pride

Seal Logos and Escutcheon

TTO Seal Watermark

Grand Seal

The full Seal, with Border, may be used only by explicit instruction of the Office of the Secretary General. It is commonly used to indicate official documents such as charters or certificates of Ordination.

TTO EGH Logo - corona

EGH Seal Logo

The Seal logo may be used to denote services of the Gnostic Heterodox Church or in programs for EGH rituals or Sacraments.

TTO Init Logo - corona

Initiatory Seal Logo

The Initiatory Seal logo may be used to denote events or activities specific to the Initiatory Branch

TTO Escutcheon fnl


The Escutcheon is generally used for "special occasions" and not for advertising. It may be used on the cover of program books, award certificates, displayed on the wall, etc.

Extended Fleur Cross
Smaller Fleur de Lis Cross

The EGH Crosses

The Extended Fleur Cross depicted to the left and top is the Pontine symbol of the EGH.

Each Fleur, as rendered has five distinct points, making fifteen “points,” that is discernible features per arm of the cross. Each Fleur has two “crosses.” One cross is formed by the upper three petals and shaft one formed by the lower three petals and shaft, so six crosses and a central cross making seven. 15+7 = 22 Among other symbolism this can be seen as the 22 paths, each with its denoting letter. There are four arms of 22, which among other symbolism could be seen as denoting the Four Worlds. If one extends the metaphor, each arm could be seen as representing one part of the soul, with the central cross as Yechidah. The Fleur/Lily itself of course has significance, and the center and points can be seen as representative of the principle of going in all directions in the infinite. There are numerous reflections on the nature of Nuit and Hadit which could be extrapolated from the design. Each arm with the central cross, incidentally, sums to 23, which may carry its own significance. The Small Fleur Cross can be seen as a microcosm of the larger with 22 paths and the number 23 when its central point is counted. The Cross of Toulouse has its own set of symbolism, but is also of historical interest, in combination with or contrast with the Templar Cross.


The concept of a fleur-de-lis cross is historical and cannot be trademarked or licensed.  The specific depiction of the Extended Fleur Cross to the left top, in regards to shape, scale, proportions, and presentation, including the distinctive ‘point’ design is a trademark of TTO.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.   A Commercial license is hereby granted to TTO Affiliates.  If you are a business that is not a TTO Affiliate and wish to make Commercial use of the TTO design, please write to the Secretary General.

Creative Commons License

Other Branding Elements


Red #d32020
Red 211,32,32

Black #060807
Black 6,8,7

Gold #a08324


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