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The Thelemic Order

An Organization and Church, incorporated in the U.S. State of Delaware. Federal EIN 84-3433327.


TTO values education. As we move forward our goal is to present useful, high quality education to ensure that TTO Masters, Initiators, and Clergy are safer, more competent, have better presentation and people skills and have the highest possible understanding of consent.

Basic Education for All Leaders

Required Classes/Materials for All Leadership

As we work to produce our own high-quality training materials, we make use of “best in class” training materials from other organizations such as NCSF.

Optional Classes/Materials

Basic Education for Clergy

Required Classes/Materials - All Clergy

Optional Classes/Materials

Education for Sovereign Initiators

Initial Educational information for Sovereign Initiators is available through the Initiators Round Table. Sovereign Initiators may Email Initiations@thelemicorder.io for information.

Basic Education for Group Leaders

Required Classes/Materials - All Group Leads

Optional Classes/Materials

Outside Classes - Free and Paid

Psychedelic Safety Alliance Masterclass
A comprehensive psychedelic safety masterclass for people who use psychedelics on their own, outside of supervised medical/therapeutic/ritual contexts.  As one of the only classes available on this subject from credible sources, we recommend this to any group that plans to deal with entheogens as part of their sacred practice.

Required Classes/Materials