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The sexual act is perhaps the most powerful and pleasant method that brings us closer to the primordial and the divine. From the tantric mysteries of Hinduism, Buddhism and the inner alchemy of Taoism to the traditions of Western Magic and witchcraft, sex permeates the highest and most secret teachings around the world.


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The sexual act is perhaps the most powerful and pleasant method that brings us closer to the primordial and the divine. From the tantric mysteries of Hinduism, Buddhism and the inner alchemy of Taoism to the traditions of Western Magic and witchcraft, sex permeates the highest and most secret teachings around the world.
Step 1. Define a goal
What exactly do we want to achieve with sexual magic? Our goal can be any material achievement, such as a new job, prosperity in business, a beautiful house, anything.
For example
One goal could be the magical healing of ourselves, another person, Mother Earth …
The intention could be the improvement of an existing relationship or the attraction of a new one, or to charge a talisman or a seal.
We may want to develop different qualities in ourselves or receive enlightenment to create something new.
We may want to embrace inner love and establish a stronger connection with our higher self.
Finally you might want to consecrate an amulet , talisman or magic tools, etc.
Step 2. Preparation
Preparing the workspace
Clean the space where the ritual will take place. Decorating with candles, incense, flowers, precious stones or anything else that is appropriate and stimulating will give importance to what we are doing by emphasizing its sacredness. If symbols or other images are used, they will need to be put in a place where they can be seen during the ritual. If you want to play music, it will be good to make sure that it does not stop abruptly before the ritual is concluded.
Cleanse your body
As well as for the place where the ritual will be carried out, the energetic and physical cleansing of our body will also have to be carried out with particular attention. While bathing or showering, view the flowing water that will wash away all mental, emotional and physical dirt.
Relax for a while
Take a deep breath and meditate for a few minutes focusing your thoughts on what is the goal we have chosen.
If we are performing the Rite with a partner, we will sit opposite each other, holding hands palm to palm and synchronizing breathing.
Summon Gods
Many practitioners of sexual magic perform their rituals by addressing their requests to deities who can satisfy them, to universal energy or to their own personal concept of God. The important thing, however, lies in the level of concentration and as always in the infinite power of our self.
Will you turn to the energy of a deity? Perhaps one of the pagan gods .
Or are you dedicating the whole ritual to a God or a goddess ?
Step 3. How to perform the ritual of sexual magic
Now we are ready to perform the ritual
There are two main ways to prepare for sexual magic: one is with the focus on the affirmation / mantra / word of power and another is the one with the focus on visualization.
View or state
In both cases we will create something that will allow us to focus resolutely on the goal / intention during the ritual. – In the case of the statement will have to be repeated during the ritual. The visualization will be repeated in the same way proposing it to our mind.
This can be a visualization of the New created reality.
It can be a drawing of what you want to achieve.
It can be a symbolic representation of your desire, such as a suitable tarot card, a rune, a seal or another symbol.
If you prefer to work with a visualization:
Start by visualizing the new reality very vividly; look at the desired situation, feel happiness, visualize it as bright and detailed as possible.
When the visualization is complete, we will tell our mind that that is our focus, then mentally store this image in the subconscious.
The sexual act
Start making love with your partner or practicing masturbation, without thinking more about visualization.
When you are about to orgasm, stop, remember viewing and breathe in orgasmic energy.
Start over and continue with this rhythm of excitement and pause several times.
Always just before orgasm, remember the visualization and breathe / channel the energy of the restrained orgasm towards it.
Words of power
Another possibility is to reduce a statement to a word describing the main idea; this will be the magic word.
Example :
The statement “I am a successful businessman. .. “it becomes” success.”
The phrase “I ask the universe to send me the best possible lover or companion … “becomes” lover”or “companion”.
The idea behind this is that the subconscious in this way knows our total intention, so it will be enough to repeat only the magic word during the ritual.
If you choose to work with a word of power:
Excite and / or excite the partner with a sexual activity that you want to use until you almost reach orgasm. In the meantime continue to repeat the affirmation or mantra; you can say it out loud or repeat it silently.
When you come to the verge of orgasm, stop genital stimulation, stop all pelvic movements and relax all muscles from the waist down.
Control the energy and take a deep breath by focusing even more on the mantra. After a while, the excitement will develop again and again you will have to stop it just before the point of no return (ejaculation or orgasm). In this way a large amount of sexual energy and deep erotic sensations will be accumulated; this is the method of achieving a state of sexual trance.
After facing this point several times, we will release all our intentions into the universe; let the orgasm happen and-here is the most important part – continue to affirm during orgasm with full mental concentration the magic words out loud without fear!
If you lose concentration during orgasm, we will have had exceptional sex but not a magical ritual.
Continue the ritual until both (or all) participants have reached orgasm.
Both methods both affirmation and visualization have the same value and can be chosen individually but also combined.
About Orgamo and sexual magic
If you are a woman who is able to have multiple orgasms (a series of orgasms quickly one after another), enjoy them, do them during the ritual and end up with the final orgasm.
If you’re a man, here’s the good news: men can also learn to have a lot of approaching and leaning just before the point of no return (ejaculation) more times men can experience all the sensations of an orgasm without having an ejaculation. Some men have a series of small orgasms, others experience them as larger orgasms. sexual intercourse to have orgasm.
Step 4. End of the sexual ritual
After orgasm you can confirm the magic with words:
“So be it!”And thank God or the Goddess and your partner.
It is important to stay close to the partner the first minutes after sexual intercourse with the genitals almost in contact.
There are two reasons for this:
When we have sex, our chakras open and after orgasm we are completely open and part of our energy moves around us. So it takes a little time to recover and receive energy again. If a couple moves away immediately after orgasm, one could feel very disappointed, lonely and exhausted for this reason.
After sexual magic, the sexual fluids of the participants in the rite are imbued with their magical intention. They can absorb this power for their well-being and health through the vaginal walls and head of the penis. Charged sexual fluids can be used to charge an amulet or talisman; in the event that the intent of the ritual is to make money, the sexual fluids can be placed on a coin that will later be put on our altar; You can redraw the lines of the magic symbol used for this ritual, mix the liquid with the wine and drink it with your partner, etc.
In sexual magic, charged sexual fluids become the Sacred Elixir of life and are not dirty at all. It is clear that these practices should be carried out by consenting and conscious adults and that in the case of diseases, fluid ingestion should be avoided.
When practicing sexual magic on their own, sexual fluids form a complete sacrament, although they contain one polarity, and not two.
For example, you can collect sperm in a small plastic container and use it for spells and rituals later. As well as vaginal secretions can be used in the same way
Step 5. Finish the ritual safely
The high energy in the ritual may have attracted astral beings. Let us make sure to keep them at a distance by reconfirming their exclusion from the place of the rite, retracing the circle of protection with our mind or with our gaze if we have created a physical one. Once the circle is reconfirmed we can open it and officially close the rite.