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The Thelemic Order

An Organization and Church, incorporated in the U.S. State of Delaware. Federal EIN 84-3433327.


Below you'll find links to News about TTO and about the Thelemic World Reach out and talk to your fellow Thelemites! Not all news sources agree on the nature of Thelema and how Thelemites should behave. Don't like what you read? Why not write something yourself!

Recent News from TTO

A Statement on the Racist Shootings in Buffalo, NY, May 2022

Over the weekend on the US East Coast, TTO celebrated its first public mass, ordinations, and consecrations. At the same time also on the East Coast, at a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York, a racist gunman shot thirteen people between the ages of 20 and 86, killing ten of them. It is not just

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Image of younger Crowley, 1875-1947 Poet + Magician + Queer Activist

The Greater Feast of Aleister Crowley

One Event8pm US and Canada EST Local times:Dec 1, 10pm BRT, 8pm EST, 7pm CST, 6pm MST, 5pm PST,Dec 2, 1am GMT, 2am CET, 9am AEST, 12pm AEDT A selections of Reading from the Work of Crowley and Others Secretary General is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Greater Feast of Aleister Crowley

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Initiations, Ordinations, May 13-15, 2022, Baltimore MD

The initial Thelemic Initiations and Ordination originally scheduled for 2020 has been rescheduled to May 13-15, 2022 The Thelemic Initiations The Oaths, and Initial Information about what is required for Initiates to bring, along with warnings has been made available. Finally after major pandemic disruptions, our May 2020 event which will feature official ceremonies of ordination,

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Gerald Yorke 1901 – 1983

As part of our observance of Thelemic Holy Season,  The Thelemic Order is presenting not only daily readings, but a “Gnostic Saint of the Day”  in order to help humanize Thelemic practice and history.  Today is March 21 SHIN, The Aeon  and our Saint of the Day is:  Gerald Yorke 1901 – 1983 Gerald Yorke was

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Thelemic Holy Season – 2021

Thelemic Holy Season is a concept introduced by the College of Thelema suggesting a series of readings, in which each of the days between the equinox on March 20, and the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law on April 8-10 is associated with a letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and thus

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St. Cyprian of Antioch

“Saint-a-Day” during Thelemic Holy Season

Last year, our first major public undertaking with The Thelemic Order was a series of celebratory readings for Thelemic Holy Season, an idea originally suggested by the College of Thelema spanning the time from the Vernal Equinox to the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law. http://www.thelema.org/home/thelemic_holy_season.html, and opening on the

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