Altar with various magical implements including statue of Baphomet, Isis, Sigillum Dei Aemuth, Book of the Law
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"I hope the above principles will demonstrate to ALL that their welfare,
their very existence, is bound up in MAGICK."

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General Information

Learn about The Thelemic Order or Thelema and start your adventure. TTO represents a radical new approach to Thelema!

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The Heterodox Gnostic Church

The spiritual core of TTO is heterodox...that means "un-orthodox." Thelemic Mass, We ordain Clergy, and offer Sacraments.


Upcoming Events of The Thelemic Order including Initiations, Ordinations, Public Mass, and other Scheduled Events of TTO Groups.


TTO will present the Thelemic Initiations beginning in June 2020. Become an initiator and take initiations home to your group.

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Important News of The Thelemic Order, TTO Groups and Thelema in General from a variety of Sources in one convenient location.

TTO Groups

Find Local Groups of The Thelemic Order throughout the World. Learn how Groups Operate and what TTO values in Groups.


Find out how to become a TTO Group Leader and what TTO values. What training is required for Group Leadership?


We believe in Transparency. Organizational Rules and Documents, The Understandings, Forms, Meetings and Acts.