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The Thelemic Order

An Organization and Church, incorporated in the U.S. State of Delaware. Federal EIN 84-3433327.

Thelemic Holy Season – 2021

Thelemic Holy Season is a concept introduced by the College of Thelema suggesting a series of readings, in which each of the days between the equinox on March 20, and the Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law on April 8-10 is associated with a letter of the Hebrew Alphabet, and thus one of the 22 connecting paths of the Sefirot in the Kabbalistic tree of life, as well as one of the Tarot Trumps.  Suggested readings are given for each of the days.

Over the 22 days members of TTO and guests will post the various readings to share with Thelemites everywhere. 

We will also sponsor a Gnostic Saint of the Day.

Suggested Readings and Attributions for the Thelemic Holy Season: 

March 19 – Prologue

March 20 TAV, The Universe

March 21 SHIN, The Aeon

March 22 RESH, The Sun

March 23 QOPH, The Moon

March 24 TZADDI, The Emperor

March 25 PEH, The Tower:

March 26 A’AYIN

March 27 SAMEKH, Art

March 28 NUN, Death

  • Reading – Liber Arcanorum (originally delayed, will be rebroadcast out of sequence on the 11th)
  • Saint – Patrick King

March 29 MEM, The Hanged Man

March 30 LAMED, Adjustment

March 31 KAPH, Fortune

April 1 YOD, The Hermit

April 2 TETH, Lust

April 3 CHETH, The Chariot

April 4 ZAYIN, The Lovers

April 5 VAV, The Hierophant

April 6 HEH, The Star

April 7 DALETH, The Empress

April 8 GIMEL, The Priestess

April 9 BETH, The Magus

April 10 ALEPH, The Fool: Liber Legis, Cap. III (Heru-Ra-Ha)

  • Reading – Liber AL vel Legis, Cap. III (Heru-Ra-Ha) – TC McKinney, St. Hamilton’s Sanctuary of The Crowned and Conquering Child, Albertville, AL
  • Saint – Oscar Wilde