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Rome, Italy
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Rome, Italy

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Group LeaderFrater Zackh (Flavio Garzia)
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About the Group

The Priory of Khonsu was born out of love for Thelema, with the aim of spreading the TDG in Italy and Europe. We embrace the idea of a new path of Thelema, progressive and heterodox, which looks to the future, to create modern Wizards, able to fully live all the contradictions of this era without looking for old panaceas, without that eternal game of looking back. … then we will have new Crowleys, Spares, Levis, Achad, Parsons, people who were Herself and not the usual copies who live worshiping old myths and old stories, instead of writing them new ones … Being Yourself we think is 100% Thelema.

Our Goals:

  • Our goals: Create a magazine that includes articles, curiosities and news on the topics of interest
  • Working on the T.G.D. to make it usable
    • Translate all relevant texts
  • Create a network of contacts between people and friends links to anchor the Italian news on the Earth
  • To act as an EU Polo for the growth of other T.T.O.
  • Next, create the basic figures for physical initiations, magical works Consider opening a Temple of the Thelemic Order in Italy that is multifunctional

If you are interested in subscribing to the activities of the Priory of Khonsu, to get in touch with the order and its initiatives, or even to support the program with us, you can write to the email address, or a message on facebook, we will reply in the shortest time possible.


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