The initial Thelemic Initiations and Ordination event has been postponed to a TBA date in 2021 based on restoration of moderate safety in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Thelemic Initiations

You’ll receive contact at your registration e-mail from the Seccretary General of the Order.  You’ll receive a questionnaire to begin the process of planning your initiation, and there will be options for personal contact to ensure that you are able to give informed consent for all aspects of the initiations.

About the Event

TTO is a nonprofit corporation and has filed with the IRS for 501(c)(3) status, however we have not yet received a letter of determination.  Therefore we cannot at this time state that your event registration is tax-deductible.  

All attendees who took initiations on Saturday will be eligible to take initiator training, and be certified, pending completion of any external educational requirements (e.g. first aid class), to present the Initiations to the grade they have been initiated in their home Groups and any other Groups of TTO.


Attendees who participate in the Sunday Trainings will have the opportunity to be chartered to initiate to the Grades presented on Saturday.  

Participants who successfully complete the training will receive certification to carry the Thelemic Initiations to their home Groups.

Event Schedule, DATE TBA 2021

Friday night:  4:30-7:00pm Informal reception, meet and greet at hotel or local lounge.  

Saturday: 9am – 4pm – Initiations will run  and will include the initial grades of the Thelemic Initiations. 0 and I

7-11pmOrdinations, Episcopal elevation, Swearing in of Provisional Officers, and Mass, followed by a reception.

Sunday: 10am – 6pmInitiator Training.


Elevation of our first Bishop, and initial Priestly Ordinations will be conducted from 8-11pm Saturday night.  It is not necessary to travel to this event in order to be ordained, however we will recognize those Clergy in the region and begin the creation of a system for moving ordinations.  

Interested in becoming Clergy

Information TBA

Information TBA